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Send us your ordinary boring props or decorations, and we'll customize it. 

Let our expertise and imagination run wild and we'll create a creature that will creep your neighbors out for the next 10 years. 

Send us pictures and information for a full quote.



Want to make your Halloween one to remember? We provide rentals creatures and designs that are truly customized and sure to creep out the neighbors. 



If you are interested in decorating your house for the first time, want to upgrade what you have or just do not have the time to do all the work yourself, contact us for a quote today!  Our design consultation will help you come up with a theme and ideas for your next small- or large-scale haunting event. 



I've been told I'm the Queen of DIY! Show me a picture and a budget and I'll knock it out of the park! I've been customizing old/new Halloween props and decorations for 30+ years. Being a photographer hobbyist most of my adult life I found pleasure in setting up beautiful drop backs and themed scenes for photo shoots. Then I started incorporating that themed mentality into my Halloween decorating that turned into full indoor/outdoor "Yard Haunting".

So you've never heard of creature design?

Welcome to the party that you didn't even know about. Creature design is a combination of anatomy, zoology and paleontology that partners with acting, character development, and story that results in an imaginary world that seems real. Bloom n' Gloom takes creature development to the next level and we trick out your treats. 

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